Timing belts

Your timing belt is the heart of your engine – they allow the cam and crankshafts to work together and if they fail it can cause extensive damage and mean a hefty repair bill. Up to 2009 Volkswagen state a replacement interval of every four years and every five from 2010 onwards, both regardless of mileage.

We only use Genuine Volkswagen timing belt kits (where available) which include the tensioner, any idlers and the belt itself. We always replace the water pump (if driven by the belt) and only ever use Genuine Volkswagen pumps. When we replace the pump the coolant system is drained and the additive replaced with Genuine Volkswagen G13 coolant additive, which is capable of withstanding temperatures of minus 36 degrees Centigrade.

A cambelt change on 4 cylinder petrol and Diesel engines is only £346.* Why pay more for peace of mind?

Contact us to book your timing belt replacement now.

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*Terms and conditions apply. Excludes Seat Exeo, Audi A4, A6 and other selected VAG group vehicles. Contact us for details of exclusions and prices.

Please note, we cannot use customer’s own parts for timing belt changes.